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So KlubFoot Resurrection was a resounding success!


Outer Limits opened the show with a powerful tight set, a technical problem with Johno's bass brought Pete from the Vultures on stage to slap on Lonesome Train.


PA man Steve to the rescue with a quick fix to the bass, finishing off with "The Chase" to finish!


To the stage "Vulture Squadron", with Dave Deville on form ripping riffs galore. Pete not only looking the part, he played double bass like a demon! And Spider beating the drums like a man crazed! Driving the wrecking wild!


Restless draw the crowd in for a flawless set, all those early tracks sounding as fresh as ever - Yellow Cab To Midnight, Ice Cold, these guys are still red hot! Mark's Telecaster was cutting through with precision, Paul's bass sounded incredible and what can we say about Rob Tyler... He's just one heck of a guy!


It seems that everyone enjoyed themselves and the tickets sold out with time to spare! Thank you so much for coming! And if you missed it don't worry, we're not planning on only doing one!


It's a no brainer whether or not to put on another gig! Nothing is set in stone yet in terms of the bands and the venue of the next gig. We are now accepting demo submittions and suggestions. If you want to send one, find our contact details here.


Remember all profits go towards the next gig!



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